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Match Performance a dynamic team that get results

About us

At Match we like to do things differently.

Why? Because the old way of conducting business doesn’t cut it in a world dictated by trends, technologies and, most importantly, change.

Like every business, we’ve had to evolve, become more agile, and continuously adapt to evolving market demands.

By keeping a finger on the pulse, our unique mix of experience, knowhow, insight and technology can solve the challenges our clients face to ensure they too can stay competitive amid the chaos.

The proof of this philosophy and adaptability can be found in our own business success. For more than 20 years we have thrived as a dynamic, innovative and inspiring delivery outfit, as part of a wider Management Consultancy group; optimising technology and data to help organisations realise their ambitions for change.

We are brilliant because of our...


Change. It’s a small word but one that should be embraced, not feared. Change brings opportunity, and it’s the ability to react to it that allows businesses to flourish through alignment and mutual agreement. At Match our motivation is to ensure that every action has a profound and beneficial impact, through a set of values that drives integrity, trust and ethical business practice. We don’t do change for change’s sake, but we do help our clients develop clarity and understanding of the capacity they need to achieve their goals, and we only help if we can add real value.


We always take a comprehensive and holistic approach to the challenge of organisational and digital change.

Working together, we use our expertise, toolkit and lessons learnt to ensure we add significant business value. We identify priorities and drive outcomes, implementing the best approach to maximise clients’ ambitions.

Using a mix of consultancy, technology and networking we tailor our service to the exact needs of our clients by:

  1. Assessing an organisation’s challenges and approach to capability strategy, planning and execution
  2. Providing consultancy services to address challenges by working with clients’ own teams and in assessing their shortfalls
  3. Matching an organisation’s strategy to specific competencies
  4. Matching the specific requirements of candidates in our extensive network
  5. Supporting attraction, acquisition, development and retention of high-performing resources

Our Story

Match was born out of a belief that we can, and do, help our clients to achieve their capability goals in a better way – in a way that other consultancies can’t. We bring a unique mix of experience, insight and technology to solve the challenges our clients face. We know our solutions work – we have applied them many times over the years, and technology just keeps helping us apply them in more and more innovative ways. Our effective services, unrivalled expertise and insight help organisations improve their own performance through their people, sharing challenges and utilisation of data.Challenging economic conditions, a crowded market, a sector engaged in a race to the bottom… Match was formed to bring a better way of working. The directors of Match Performance Solutions Ltd. have all been in business, performing Senior Management roles in FTSE 250 companies for several decades before forming this company. Match was formed out of a belief that the current model for capability management, change delivery and data is inadequate and ineffective in the face of accelerating change and increasing demands. We believe that companies today need a trusted advisor who can help determine requirements as well as give insights into the market of capability management; opening up access to a wider network of high calibre talent.

Our People

Christian Keenan

A Delivery Consultant who's focused on providing change talent into the Public sector, in the form of individuals, teams and/or outcomes, across all levels of complexity (Simple – High) business change and digital delivery, helping clients improve their performance.

Leanne Johnson

Leanne is a self motivated, quality focussed Delivery Lead who focuses on the Financial service, thriving on driving the standards, moving away from traditional methods and delivering a peerless service for our Associates and Clients.

James Fowler

Over 20 years industry experience, James is the Managing Director of Match Performance and is responsible for refreshing our approach to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Sam Dell

Sam is the Finance and Office Lead. She is responsible for Finance and Operations, keeping us all on the straight and narrow.

Ruth Brodie

Ruth is a Delivery Consultant within Match's professional services division, responsible for supporting our permanent and associate Delivery capability, as well as using our network to identify and validate new talent.

Ian Martin

Co-founder and director of Proteus with over 30 years of experience in IT and programme management, delivering complex programmes across a range of sectors. Recently focusing in the use of AI and data driven solutions in assurance of complex programmes.

Caroline Fowler

Caroline is a Senior Recruitment Manager with over 20 years experience in providing commercial value to a range of clients through responsive and quality recruitment services and the delivery of various value added solutions.


We appreciate that changing roles is a big decision. At Match we take pride in being open, honest and passionate about our people and strive to ensure that all employees share our values. We are constantly looking for proactive, collaborative and solutions-driven individuals to join our team.

Working at Match is not like working anywhere else and we believe it's due to the relationships we all form. We're proud of our collaborative environment, setting the tone for the relationships we outwardly form with clients as a team.

We love what we do and the impacts we have.

Working for Match is great because of our

Match Performance's values

  • We are passionate about our customers and the benefits delivered
  • We think for ourselves and take risks
  • We work collaboratively
  • We respect the individual
  • We believe in output rather than input
  • We encourage and promote diversity
  • We love what we do and have fun doing it

Great Benefits

  • A competitive salary
  • Excellent bonus scheme
  • 23 days’ paid holiday (plus public holidays)
  • Matched pension
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Season ticket loan for travel or parking
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Flexible working
  • Training and Development

Proteus Group

Match is a part of the Proteus Group of companies; a specialist change management consultancy organisation with a formidable track record of successful programme delivery across a wide range of industries over more than 20 years. As a result, Match is uniquely placed to leverage high-performing squads of practitioners to deliver entire initiatives, work-packages, interventions and recoveries. We also provide capability development services which have proven to deliver a sustainable uplift in skills and delivery performance. Our award-winning Learning Hub complements unique, proven, proprietary approaches and a parallel Online Hub which contains extremely powerful diagnostic tools and a rich knowledge base of ‘how to do change for real’. Residing as a specialist service under the Proteus umbrella is a privilege that gives us instant access to far greater resources, while allowing us to maintain our personal, one-on-one approach. Speak to us about our group’s unique insight and flexible approach to solving any change management challenges you may face, freeing you up to drive your own business forward.

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We are Matchp4

A global consulting firm, who bring our clients change ambitions to life. If we can't add value we won't engage and will only stay as long as we're needed. We deliver capability in a way that others cannot, through the aggregation of experience, data and a peerless network . And, we love doing it. Get in touch if you want to hear more.


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