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Most consulting businesses have the capability to provide their clients with the insight, knowledge and ability to better understand their business needs, identify talent and moreover develop that talent for greater business benefit – but they have little or no motivation to do so, preferring to sell you their own expertise. On the other side are the recruitment agencies, who clearly have refined their routes to market, but typically don’t have the level or depth of expertise to fully understand their clients’ business or personnel requirements; let alone the ability to assess candidates’ suitability and capability. Our goal is to always provide the best of both of these worlds – insight and guidance where it is needed, but always working with - and transferring knowledge to - our client organisations. In the process, we develop and showcase a real understanding of your needs.

Areas of Specialism

Using a mix of consultancy, technology and an extensive network we have gained over the last 20 years, we work with organisations to enhance their change performance. Regardless of complexity we help organisations improve their Digital and Business Change agenda’s, whether this is in the form of a team, outcome or individual. We only support clients if we can genuinely add value and equally, only as long as they need us.

Digital transformation

Many organisations are feeling the pressure of digital disruption in their sectors and industries. We can help assess the strategic impact of digital on your organisation, help set the right level of digital ambition and provide solutions to assemble the right building blocks for digital transformation. We understand the market and can help find the right partners to develop adaptable cross-functional and cross-industry business ‘ecosystems’ to build and maintain momentum and innovation, whether you are digital ‘natives’, just embarking on your digital transformation or are well underway.

Change Management

Most businesses have seen an increase in their change demands. Invariably, this causes competing pressure across all areas of the business to engage in and absorb change. Increasingly, projects and programmes need to effectively manage business engagement to ensure that change is introduced in the smoothest way possible and critically, in a way that is sustainable and leads to the outcomes and benefits needed by the business. We have the change management, training and communication skills to understand what change management approach will work best in any given environment to get optimal benefits from any initiative.

Group services

Proteus Group offers a complete integrated support for change capability with a 20-year track record of delivering significant results. We advise senior leaders on what they need to do to improve transformation, project and change success through practical recommendations and insight to instigate portfolio predictability and success. We use our award-winning data-driven diagnostic tools backed up by decades of experience and insight to help determine the health of your initiative, comparing against good practice and key areas you need to address to increase success.

Programme and Project Management

We tailor solutions to the exact nature and needs of your organisation and your initiatives, to encourage the requisite capability for your business to achieve its bespoke goals. Projects and programmes vary hugely in terms of subject matter, complexity and change ‘environment’. It is essential that the right approaches are chosen to match the specific needs of an initiative. Consequently, we have worked with all mainstream and emerging approaches and methodologies and can offer specialist, agile support. We can work in teams with your existing people and partners or are equally happy to fully resource and deliver entire work packages and initiatives. Whichever engagement model we focus on to achieve your outcomes, we will apply the most effective approach tailored to your business.

Talent Agility

Hiring hard to find talent can be a slow process, with some organisations quoting more than 40 days to complete the bureaucracy-laden process. It's a serious disadvantage in comparison to fast moving organisations who have identified the importance of talent agility, and who can on-board new talent in a matter of days. Organisations are often too slow in identifying and securing top change talent, particularly within agile delivery assignments, and such delays can be lethal for businesses trying to stay ahead of their competition


Data-driven transformation is becoming increasingly essential in most industries. Organisations need an approach to data-driven transformation that is agile, focused on results, and manageable. We have the skills and experience to ensure that data transformation initiatives are cost effective, incremental, and sustainable in building long-term capabilities. We have helped formulate data strategy, which includes the implementation of data science and data analytics, as well as the building of leading-edge data administration, data services and infrastructure.

Powerful benefits

We Deliver

Your expectations are high. We have solid credentials and a demonstrable track record. If we take on the assignment we will deliver value for money.

Our People

The importance of providing high-calibre people with the right proven experience: an individual or a small team of experts, not an army of generalists.


Our deep data driven solutions, based on decades of experience, give us the unparalleled ability to match solutions to your business needs, but also help you better understand and build your requirements.

Part of something bigger

Match resides as a specialist service under the Proteus umbrella, a specialist change management consultancy with a formidable track record of successful programme delivery across a wide range of industries over more than 20 years.


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