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Match has developed a unique, six-step hiring approach which we use to find our own people. In turn, it also drives our talent offering for clients, who are looking to attract best-in-class personnel to their organisations. We help clients move away from traditional hiring methods, and into a new, data-driven era of talent identification, validation and onboarding.

The Perfect Match

A Six-Step Process


Every client, candidate and role are different, and finding the perfect fit for your organisation calls for a different approach. A data-driven approach. By understanding your current capabilities and your organisational needs we can apply our matching tool and one-on-one consultancy expertise, to provide bespoke strategies and attract the highest calibre talent.


We can inform, facilitate and encourage your next move. The search for the perfect role is a tricky one. Positions may look good on paper, but the reality can sometimes be different. Match’s unique profiling tool provides a comprehensive assessment of your suitability for a role and the role’s suitability to you, ensuring an as-close-to-perfect fit as possible.

The Power of Data

Accurate and Agile Filtering

In a single project, we received more than 300 candidates and after completing our six-step process, only one candidate was deemed suitable. That's a .33% ratio and not untypical.

Trusted Network

85% of our resourcing placements are filled via our validated network, 10% via proactive head hunting and only 5% is via traditional recruitment methods.

Removing CV Dependency

Good people and good CVs aren’t always one of the same. Non-reflective (positive and negative) and validation of suitability are therefore a vital part of our process.

Efficiency Improvement

Our six-step talent process allows clients to significantly improve their hiring ratios, reducing overall cost to hire rates, and improving overall outcomes. Using our process, clients can reduce their interview-to-hire ratios from 1-to-5, to 1-to-1.

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Our Process

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of experience and data, that allows clients to significantly improve their hiring outcomes.


Talent Assessment

You can’t move forward if you don’t know where you are starting from. Match has created a unique resourcing approach that aggregates our experience, technology and group knowhow. This allows clients to validate and test their requirements against best-in-class role models and significantly increase their chances of success.


Chances of Success

With an understanding of where things currently stand, it’s now time to build a fit for purpose search. Using your unique profile, we can filter through high volumes of pre-screened, validated candidate profiles to find the best Match.



Our consultants then validate candidates against your specific needs, reviewing assessment results against your unique profile, while looking for and testing any inconsistencies. Our consultants then test the validity of candidates’ CVs and confirm how reflective and accurate they are. Once references are obtained, professional interviews take place through candidate assessments which further test candidates’ experience and preferred ways of working. This process doesn't just allow us to provide our clients with fully validated candidates, but also gives our candidates a unique experience which will help them with their own market positioning.


Conversion Innovation

Once we've identified the best talent in the market, we provide you with information on a selection of candidates, that is open, honest and significantly improves your interview-to-hire ratios. Not only will you be furnished with excellent candidates and improved talent branding, but data that will improve future hiring too.

Our portfolio

Achieving Better Results

Our six-step process gives clients immediate access to fully validated talent, and has been created to significantly increase your chances of success. We know it works, we have applied it thousands of times and we are constantly developing it.

Our process allows you to do in 10 minutes what we have learnt over the last 20 years.

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